Audience reviews

“You blew us all out of the universe with your engaging and provocative presentation and discussion. The participants are still abuzz about the expanding nature of the universe… You opened new worlds of understanding, and we are grateful for your knowledge. With much gratitude…”
—Rabbi E. S. Zecher, Temple Israel of Boston

“We cannot thank you enough for coming to our Temple and presenting the best-ever program we’ve had. It was exciting, eye- and mind-opening, and you are so gifted in making the mysterious clear and the wondrous even more than extra-ordinary….”
—H. Handleman, New York

“I was the person who asked you how one can walk around with contrary ideas [about science and religion] in one’s head and not be schizophrenic… At the end of the day my question had been answered. You explain things in such a way that I understood — and even remember!  I only want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to reap the benefits of your study and wisdom and talent in teaching.”
—G. Wyler-Saunders

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