Reviews of Let There Be Light

“Read this book if you want to discover how religion and science can interact harmoniously, how ancient Kabbalah and modern cosmology intersect, and how both of these approaches together can enlighten us.”
Daniel C. Matt, author of God and the Big Bang, and The Zohar: Pritzker Edition.

“More than a literate and frequently mind-blowing synthesis of Jewish mysticism and the science of astrophysics, Smith’s book offers us a compelling and instructive glimpse into the mind and the soul of a man of science who is also deeply religious. There is something amazing or awesome on almost every page.”
Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, author of Kabbalah: A Love Story, and Jewish Spirituality: A Brief Introduction for Christians.

“The reader is rewarded throughout with gems of insight. Using simple yet technically correct terms… Smith evokes a sense of wonder, and deeper appreciation of this glorious universe, and its Creator.”
Jewish Book World, Spring 2007

“Perfect for science-minded yet religious readers…Packed with interactions between ancient Kabbalah and modern astronomy [it] forms an important bridge between the two. Learn how science and religion interact harmoniously…”
Midwest Book Review, 2007

“! ! ! ! ! Must Read”
Today’s Books, Public News Service, January 2007

“Masterful… Illuminates the timeless quest for ultimate knowledge and meaning. Let There Be Light is a book of both deep understanding and wisdom….”
—Rabbi Benjamin J. Samuels

“Amazing — A ‘Must-Read.’ Absolutely great! [Five stars]… In this book, Smith masters the complex task of communicating technical material to the general public. It is a must read for anyone interested in science, religion or both.”
—Ivonne Kinser (Dallas TX)

“Stimulating analysis of Science and Theology [Five stars]… A must read for anyone who is concerned about the claim that Science disproves the existence of God.”
—Skip (VA)

“Spiritually Uplifting [Five stars]… I’ve always loved science and have recently become more religious. This book is a great fusion of Kabbalah and Physics.”
—N. Krasnoff (Austin, TX)

“Sophisticated and lucid [Five stars]… Smith’s discussion of cosmology is the best I have ever encountered in the popular science literature. For this reason alone, the book merits a place at the top any thoughtful individual’s reading list. However, this book is much more than a soon-to-be-acclaimed popular science classic.”
—The Book Doctor (Boston, MA)

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